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    Revive Childhood Co. is here with a simple mission- to empower the next generation and revive childhood. We will empower parents to raise independent and free children who take charge of their future. When you know better, you do better!

    Each educational kit will establish lifelong habits of critical thought, skill development and will provide life lessons that equip children to take charge of their future. Each accessory & shirt will do the same!


    My goal is to create a meaningfully engaged community of parents who strive to educate their child on THEIR terms. In a society that praises victimhood and celebrates mediocrity, we have the duty to be intentional and unite to raise good humans who are accountable, free, and empowered.


    We are cause-driven and partner with a different organization every quarter who advocate for children. Each purchase benefits our featured organization. Our ''Project Page'' has more details on our current partnership.


    Let’s revive childhood!