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    Enzyme Water - Itch Relief Spray 2oz. 100% Fermented food and herbal base.

    Why our fermented products can improve the health of your skin:
    Fermentation increases the nutritional quality of raw ingredients. It is a natural way of
    improving essential nutrients including amino acids, vitamins and minerals that keep
    skin healthy.
    PLEASE NOTE: The fermentation process breaks down large organic molecules via the
    action of microorganisms into small bioavailable substances and increases microbial
    enzyme activity.
    This helps amplify the absorption of the nutrients into your skin at a much deeper, more
    concentrated level.
    Fermented foods have glorious healing powers for your skin due to their nutritive value
    and high antioxidant properties. Plus, they act as a natural exfoliate removing dead skin
    cells to create softer, smoother skin.
    Why is PH crucial for maintaining healthy skin?
    This product PH is about 5-6. It turns out that understanding and maintaining your skin’s PH is important for your
    overall skin health. Ideally, our skin should be slightly acidic. The acidity PH of 4-7 ensures that your skin’s
    “barrier function” (acid mantle) is active and guarding you against toxins, bacteria, fungus and,
    other external factors that damage skin and increase the aging process.
    If skin is not at a balanced pH level, it becomes prone to the cycle of excessive dryness
    followed by too much oil production.

    You’ll be glad to know our product contains Colloidal Oatmeal and the herb Purslane to
    help reduce inflammation on your skin and hold in moisture. This helps stop itchy skin